Ama Dablam 2021 Expedition Dispatches

Dispatch #8 – December 2, 2021 – Kathmandu

We reached the summit yesterday and now we are all back in Kathmandu enjoying everything that this town has to offer after an expedition. We took helicopters directly from base camp this morning thanks to the great folks at Kailash Helicopters.

As always, this expedition would not be successful without our amazing Nepal Sherpa climbers and cooks.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #7 – December 1, 2021 – Summit

Altitude Junkies Ama Dablam summits this morning!! All team members and Sherpa are now back at Camp Two resting.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #6 – November 30, 2021 – Camp Two

The team are now at Camp Two and will make a summit attempt in the morning.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #5 – November 29, 2021 – Base Camp

We have decided to go for the summit now before the snow hits and if things don’t work out, we will give it another go after the storm has passed. Today the team will climb to Camp One and Kami “Mad Dog” Neru Sherpa and myself will climb directly and meet the team at Camp Two tomorrow.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #4 – November 28, 2021 – Base Camp

We have had to make a slight change in plans due to our latest weather forecast. We had hoped to sleep at Yak Camp and Camp One on the 28th and 29th respectively but a large snowstorm could happen on the 2nd and 3rd of December. With this latest information in hand we collectively decided to hold off heading back up the hill on the 27th and may use a slightly less conventional schedule to avoid the snow and the possibility of having very few climbers present at base camp to help with establishing the route again.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #3 - November 26, 2021 – Base Camp

We held our Puja ceremony on the 25th of November as this was considered an auspicious day from our Lama, who resides in Pangboche. Many of our team members recognized him, as he has conducted many Pujas on our Everest, Ama Dablam and Cholatse expeditions throughout the years.

Today we all made a small carry to Yak Camp to get used to the terrain and to stretch the legs after three days at base camp. Everyone made the camp in really great times and now we spend a few days back at base camp before we do our Yak Camp and Camp One rotations.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #2 - November 23, 2021 – Base Camp

We arrived at base camp a day earlier than planned as when the team met in Kathmandu on the 20th, we collectively decided to take helicopters to Pangboche, instead of Namche as we usually do. This is a very experienced team of climbers with many 8,000-meter summits and everyone knows that the 300-meter elevation gain of Pangboche over Namche would not be a problem. We spent two days at Pangboche and then made the short walk to base camp today with everyone doing the walk in under two hours.

Now we will spend several days resting and taking short walks from base camp and hold our all important Puja ceremony soon.

Phil Crampton

Dispatch #1 - November 19, 2021 – Kathmandu

Our Ama Dablam expedition team members will arrive tomorrow in Kathmandu, hopefully with all of their personal luggage with them. The plan is for the team to fly to Namche the day after, spend a few days acclimatizing and then start the trek to base camp. Our Sherpa team are already at base camp waiting for our arrival.

Phil Crampton

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