Urus Este Route

The trail to Urus Este begins immediately next to the Ishinca Refugio on the north side of the valley. Cairns mark the path for around 400 meters and then climbs to the crest of the moraine ridge. The snow line is reached in about 2-3 hours from base camp.

The climb starts with a 45 degree snow slope on the left hand side of the buttress for roughly 100 meters before crossing a small section of rock slabs, bringing you to the base of the snowfield of the South-East slopes. The snowfield has 45 degree slopes at first then lessens in angle for a 200 meter climb to the East Ridge.

The final 150 meters of the East Ridge is 45-50 degree snow slopes with some scrambling over granite slabs and a final 30 degree snow slope to the summit. The summit climb takes around 1-3 hours from the base of the rock buttress at the snowline.

Photo credit: Phil Crampton - Urus Este from Ranrapalca Col Camp.

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